Small Pegs
Small Pegs

Small Pegs

You probably do not think twice about the small pegs you use to hang your clothes even though you should. While most of these pegs have been haphazardly designed and manufactured in order to keep costs low and increase sales the fact is that these pegs are not very good at holding on to your clothes especially when there are gusty winds blowing.

There are a number of things you need to look at when purchasing small pegs which include:

  • How heavy they are?
  • The material they are made from
  • Are the pegs flexible?
  • Will they hold on to your clothes line tightly?

Weight of your small pegs

Weight is a very important factor when purchasing small pegs especially since light or soft pegs may simply not be enough to hold on to your heavy laundry. Items such as curtains, bed sheets etc can often become very heavy and require multiple heavy pegs with strong grips when you hang them out to dry. The problem with the majority of cheap pegs out there is that they will not be able to hold on to heavy items so even the slightest of breeze could mean that your laundry goes flying off.

Quality of material Used

There are primarily two types of small pegs which can be purchase i.e. wooden and plastic. While wooden pegs have been around for decades the plastic ones are fairly new with some of the latest ones actually having a pretty long shelf life. When you are in the market for pegs make sure that regardless of the material you prefer the pegs should be hard, probably try to bend them a bit, the ones that snap easily or bend easily are the ones you should not purchase. With plastic pegs you need to make sure that the plastic is thick since low quality plastic pegs won’t last very long and probably break after a month of use.


The other thing you need to make sure of is that the plastic or wooden pegs are not very flexible. The problem with flexible pegs is that they simply bend and allow for your laundry to fly off. Often times they may bend too much and are not able to get back into shape. These are the types you should avoid and are often classified by low quality pegs since offer no protection to your laundry.

Grip Strength

If you want to make sure that your clothes are safe you need to ensure that the pegs you purchase have excellent grip strength i.e. they are able to hold on to your clothes regardless of what happens. The best way to check this out is to take a peg and put it on your hand, if you feel as if your blood circulation has stopped or if you feel a tight pinch it means that the peg is pretty good. Some small pegs also have tiny pin like structures which add to its ability to hold on to your clothes even when there is a strong breeze blowing.